Prior Authorization Program

    The Prior Authorization Program ensures that employees are on the right medication, for the right medical condition to achieve positive health outcomes for their treatment.

    Find the appropriate form to submit your drug for prior authorization review.

    Steps to Take

    • Search for a drug

      A. Drug name search: type and select the drug name displayed in the search field


      B. A-Z list search: click the first letter of the drug name and click the drug you’re looking for

    • Download and complete your authorization form

      A. Add your details to the prior authorization form electronically which will provide you a pre-filled form that can be printed and completed with your prescriber.


      B. Download a blank authorization form and fill it out your with your prescriber.

    • Submit the completed form to the Prior Authorization Program

      Program Contact Information can be found on the PA form.

      For any further questions or assistance with your submission please contact your insurer.

    IMPORTANT: The assessment of your claim may be delayed if this form is incomplete or contains errors. If your claim is approved, the effective date of coverage will be the date the prior authorization request was approved. Requests for coverage prior to the approval date will be considered on an exception basis only. Approval for coverage of this drug may be reassessed at any time at the Insurance Company’s discretion. Completion of this form is not a guarantee of approval.

    In Quebec any pharmacist consultation will be the responsibility of the pharmacist-owner chosen by the user.

    Due to provincial regulations, the service offering may be different in Quebec, notably the Specialty Drug Management program or any measure that does not respect the guarantees of the basic prescription drug insurance plan.