Specialty Drug Management

    Specialty drugs treat a wide array of complex and chronic conditions. They are becoming increasingly common as the drug pipeline expands, and more Canadians are expected to be prescribed a specialty drug. The time is right for new alternatives to manage the impact of specialty drugs.

    Specialty Drug Management

    With an unparalleled Specialty Drug Management solution for carriers and plan sponsors, we make it more accessible and affordable for plan members to get the specialty drugs they need to Live Life Well®. Our program features a cost-effective dispensing model which leverages an extensive pharmacy network and flexible program design.

    Unparalleled Plan Member Experience

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    Convenient & accessible locations to provide dispensing & face to face pharmacist support with home delivery options when needed

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    SDM locations can dispense +93% of specialty drugs and easily send infusions to clinics

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    Patient support every step of the way, from our team of dedicated health professionals

    Patient Care Navigation

    Navigating specialty care can be a difficult process. That’s why we provide a variety of services to ensure your plan members feel comfortable and have support during every step of treatment.

    Reimbursement Navigation

    Case Management

    Adherence & Wellness Checks

    Health Outcomes Monitoring

    Prior authorization

    Help plan members ensure they are on the right medication for the right conditions with an efficient prior authorization process. Our expert team reviews each specialty drug, patient information and plan sponsor requirements to ensure appropriate use, providing timely and responsive support.

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    Data Analytics & Insights

    We provide extensive data analytics and insight capabilities to inform your decisions. Prospective reporting is used to help you understand the potential savings. Performance reporting is used so you can understand unique views of your program once launched.

    Implementation Support

    Leverage our expertise in program design, plan member communications, and transitional support, while fully supporting you and your plan members.

    Contact us

    Email us to learn more about our Specialty Drug Management program. We would be happy to answer any questions or meet to discuss the needs of your organization.


    In Quebec any pharmacist consultation will be the responsibility of the pharmacist-owner chosen by the user.

    Due to provincial regulations, the service offering may be different in Quebec, notably the Specialty Drug Management program or any measure that does not respect the guarantees of the basic prescription drug insurance plan.